How I offer Reiki

The Reiki sessions are offered at distance, so you can be in the comfort of your home for the session. In my experience, I have found that I have a better connection to Reiki energy and receiving guidance when working at distance. Therefore, the Reiki I offer is for distance only, as this is the space in which I can serve you best.

We will agree a date and time to hold the Reiki session. All you need to do during the session is lay comfortably, relax and enjoy the Reiki energy!

You have the choice of being sent guidance notes at the end of the Reiki session. The guidance includes messages I receive and blockages I pick up on during the Reiki session. This means the guidance is very individual to each recipient. Therefore, there is no one size fits all in describing what this guidance will include. The guidance can be helpful in making sense of what was uncovered in the session. It is completely ok to not want to receive this guidance - it will not make your session any less effective. However, if you wish to ponder on the guidance and weave it into other areas of your life, then it can be a helpful assistant.

One-hour Reiki session : £40

One-hour Reiki session and individual guidance notes: £49

A 10% discount is applied for block-booking 5 or more sessions.

To book or if you have any questions about Reiki, please get in touch using the contact form below.


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