Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner

My Intention

As a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner, my intention is to offer those I am in service to, the space and guidance to remove obstacles and uncover layers to step forwards into living a life with deeper meaning and contentment.

A mantra I hold close to the work I do is Lokah Samastha Sukhinu Bhavantu. This beautiful mantra translates to: may all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all. I hope that you will feel this mantra radiating through the space I hold.

My Journey

With my roots being in Indian culture, I have grown up with yogic principles from a young age. My grandmother taught me pranayama and meditation practices. These are practices we would enjoy together through my childhood. I also learnt to play the harmonium from the age of 8 and later lead kirtan groups – sometimes with communities of hundreds of individuals.

It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I discovered physical postures within western yoga and my curiosity with studying yoga more formally began. Whilst working an office job, I embarked on a yoga teacher training to further my learning and understanding of physical postures. I naturally progressed to teaching yoga classes – mostly on a western basis through physical asana. However, as I was doing so, something didn’t feel quite right. So I took some time away from teaching these classes and turned my focus inwards.

As I began to explore and discover my own place in the yoga world, I was naturally drawn back to the roots of yoga – where I first began with my journey as a child. Today, I honour these roots and focus my teachings on the yogic principles. This allows me to embody pranayama, meditation, chanting and asana. Most of all, I work towards bringing yoga teachings into daily life.

I first experienced Reiki without knowing what it was. It was included as part of a yoga retreat I attended, so I thought I'd just give it a go despite feeling skeptical about it. I was very surprised to find out emotional I was during the and Reiki and felt a deep sense of release. The guidance shared with me resonated strongly and from then on, I became intrigued to experience Reiki more and then later went on to training in Reiki Level 1 and then Reiki Level 2. Reiki allows me to deepen my offering to help you nurture your whole being – mind, body and spirit.

If you’re ready to explore how you can deepen your purpose and contentment in life through yoga and Reiki, please get in touch.

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