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For one to three individuals. These sessions will be tailor-made for your needs. The sessions can include physical yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and/or reiki.

Some of the ways private sessions can help you:

  • Physical yoga poses carefully explained and specific feedback given on your alignment to ensure you have a safe yoga practice and get the most from the poses you hold. Particularly important if you are a beginner, practice at home without a teacher checking your alignment, or if you've been practicing for years but never had the poses broken down and explained to you.

  • To develop a deeper practice in a specific area for example, philosophy or chanting. Most group yoga classes incorporate very little of these aspects so private yoga tuition can guide you to connect with these aspects of yoga on a deeper level.

  • If you have a physical injury or condition that means specific guidance and adapted poses are necessary for a safe practice.

  • If you'd like private yoga with a loved one, this is a really nice way to spend good quality time together. Time with loved ones doesn't always have to mean dinner out or drinks at a bar.

  • Reiki is also available for your private session if you would like this as a standalone, or if you would like it to be woven into your private yoga practice


The sessions take place at my home in Staines, or online. I can also travel to your home, depending on the distance.


  • £40 if you come to my home studio in Staines

  • Additional fee if you would like yoga at your home - £ dependent on location

If you have any questions about private yoga/reiki or would like to book a session, then please send me an email.

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