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Yoga Retreat, Reiki & Balcony Life

In the past month, my key highlights have been going on a yoga retreat where I have made the most wonderful friends; attaining Reiki Level 1 where I met some more wonderful people and also got to experience the wonderful healing art and also enjoying some homegrown herbs.

Yoga Retreat

I spent 7 nights in Andulusian mountains, surrounded by olive groves. I did 5 hours of yoga every day (in addition to some freestyle yoga on a lilo in the pool), ate fresh vegetarian meals and ended almost every night in a hot tub under the starry night sky. Before I arrived at the retreat, I only knew the yoga teacher but I left the retreat having made very good friends who I have already met up with several times since being back.

Reiki Course

I completed my Level 1 Reiki course and I am practicing channeling reiki energy for self-healing during my 21 day cleanse which is recommended after a reiki attunement. I will doing the Level 2 course shortly after the 21 day cleanse is over, after which point I can officially offer reiki treatments to others.

Asides from being back in an old-fashioned classroom setting with a blackboard, I also enjoyed a delicious garden lunch and cuddles with a very cute cat, Ellie.

Balcony Life

With the sun shining for so many weeks now, I've been making the most of it! When I'm not out taking a walk by the river and watching the sunset, I like to enjoy hanging out on my balcony - particularly in the mornings when staying in my PJs is a more favourable option than wearing 'normal' clothes and leaving the comfort of my home.

I've also been enjoying eating some of my homegrown spinach, broccoli, beans and herbs from my balcony. I'm still eagerly waiting for the peppers and chillis to be ready to eat!

What have you been up to recently? I hope you are all also enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

With love and light,

Neetu xx

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