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Introduction | The 8 Limbs of Yoga

Yoga is not all physical postures.

What?! I hear you ask..

The 8 limbs of yoga sets out the different components of yoga.

Only one of these 8 limbs is actually physical postures. So that's just 12.5% of yoga. If you count the 10 sub-limbs as separate components, then physical poses actually make up more like 6.25% of yoga!

These are the translations of each of the 8 limbs:

1. Yama = restraints (made up of 5 sub-limbs)

2. Niyama = observances (made up of 5 sub-limbs)

3. Asana = physical postures

4. Pranayama = breathing practices

5. Pratyahara = withdrawal of senses

6. Dharana = concentration

7. Dhyana = meditation

8. Samadhi = enlightenment

Yoga is meant as a way of life, which is why you may hear people talk about yoga on the mat vs. yoga off the mat.

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