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7 Simple Ways You Can Be Healthier at Work

Long commutes, business lunches, after work drinks, free cakes and chocolates, workplace stress and lack of physical activity. All of these are commonplace in an office. And they chip away at your wellbeing.

Working in an office doesn’t have to be this doom and gloom! There are simple and effective ways to take better care of your wellbeing during a working day.

1. Swap coffee for water AND use a re-fillable water bottle

It’s much easier to carry around to meetings and because it’s yours rather than a communal glass, you’re more likely to remember it’s there

2. Set healthy boundaries and offer alternative sweet treats to your colleagues

Free cakes and chocolates from colleagues are common in the workplace. Next time you take cakes and chocolates into work, why not take a selection of fruit too? And if you are going to enjoy some of the sweeter treats, set some healthy boundaries. For example: don’t have any treats until you’ve had 2 bottles of water; enjoy a treat after your lunch rather than before; limit the amount of treats you eat. You could also keep some healthy snacks on your desk and eat those first. Then ask yourself if you would still like a sweet treat.

3. Take packed lunches for work rather than having takeaway foods

It’s not only healthier but also saves money!

4. Take the stairs instead of the lift if you work in a multi-storey building

It’s so easy to get into a habit of taking the lift – even to go up or down 1 flight of stairs! Often as we rush from one meeting to the next, we are keen to save time and so resort to taking the lift. However, stairs tend to be the faster route as there’s no waiting around for a lift or having to stop at every single floor to allow others on/off. Give the stairs a go next time and see how it feels.

5. Reduce your alcohol intake during after-work drinks

Drinks after work don’t have to mean having lots of sugary or alcoholic drinks – why not alternate between a drink and a glass of water to half your alcohol intake (and save money).

6. Exercise during your lunch hour (or half an hour)

This doesn’t have to mean finding the nearest gym and taking a sweaty class. A brisk walk is free, can be done anywhere and doesn’t require a shower afterwards. It helps stretch the legs and encourages you to step outside the office for some fresh air and vitamin D! And if you are looking for a conveniently located class which won’t require a shower, consider contacting your HR or Wellbeing Team to organise gentle yoga classes in the office. Yes, that’s a shameless plug about yoga classes which I offer to workplaces! Get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more:

7. Consider walking meetings when possible

If you only need a chat or to run a quick idea by someone, suggest going for a walk rather than sitting and chatting over coffee.

These are just a selection of tips to help you on your way to a healthier work lifestyle. Do you have ways you like to keep healthier at work? If so, I’d love to hear them!

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