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I did a yoga class with Neetu through video chat during the lockdown period. It worked really well. Her instructions were very clear and easy to hear. The video chat system worked very well and she was able to demonstrate poses and provide feedback on my form through camera's without any difficulties.
The class itself was well structured and I found Neetu to be a very patient and helpful teacher. Would recommend!


I can really recommend Neetu as a yoga teacher. She explains everything very well and has a calm personality which has very effective. She gave workplace yoga for us which everyone really enjoyed.


Great classes in Whitton. I've tried a lot of different classes in and around the area and these classes are the best. Really enjoy coming each week. Great value for money too.


Neetu was recommended to me by a friend. I've always felt nervous about attending yoga classes because I'm not very flexible but Neetu made me feel at ease. In Neetu's classes, I never feel inadequate for not being able to do certain things. I have noticed a difference in the way my body feels since I have started these classes and I always look forward to going to class each week. There is also a really nice community vibe in the classes. Highly recommend!


Neetu is intuitive and inclusive in her teaching style. You can tell Neetu cares about every individual she teaches - through getting to know each individual, taking the time to talk to you even outside of classes and offering helpful tips. I have also benefited from private yoga sessions with Neetu which have been invaluable. I am looking forward to trying reiki healing with Neetu too.


Warm and welcoming instructor. Takes care of each individual in class, making sure everyone is comfortable and offers a variety of levels to suit different abilities. I've been practicing yoga for 15 years and have found Neetu's classes to be among the best. So pleased to have found Neetu!


I joined Neetu's beginner's yoga course in Whitton and I've just completed the course. It was really enjoyable and I feel confident and well informed on practicing yoga safely. After 6 week's I am already feeling much calmer and more flexible. Neetu is a great teacher. She is calm, patient, intuitive and funny. I am looking forward to many more classes with Neetu. Highly recommend!


Neetu's class is wonderful! The ideal vinyasa flow class and my favourite flow class!


Had a great class with Neetu, I would highly recommend - very calming and inspiring class!!


Thank you Neetu for such a fabulous yoga class. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and connected with your authentic teaching and particularly loved the beautiful Ganesha mantra you played at the end.


Wonderful yin and yang class; Neetu is a brilliant teacher and the class by inviting everyone to take a quote from her inspiration jar. Absolute bliss!


Neetu stood in for our regular teacher recently and I thought she was a great teacher. It is a mixed ability class and Neetu covered all options from beginner to intermediate. She gives adaptations so her class suits all levels. Neetu has a calm and gentle manner and is very attentive. I came out of her class feeling energised and ready for the day.


Just returned from the most beautiful yoga class and feel compelled to share the magic... My 1st class with Neetu in a beautiful location in Twickenham with stunning views across the local landscape. Neetu challenges and soothes in equal measure - and her style confidently reflects the serenity of her character. She offers levels of practice; a personalised approach; gentle and clear direction; thoughts and intentions to provoke and support; careful modelling of poses; beautiful music; a calmness in the moment - and even a sunset to bring the class to a close! A personalised lavender head massage made this experience both unique and special. I wholeheartedly recommend Neetu to yogis at all levels and will certainly be back on the mat with her soon.


I participated in one of Neetu’s yoga class this month and I was a complete beginner. She made me feel very welcome and her class was energetic and fun. I felt energised and refreshed and felt like I did a good work out. She was happy to show me how to do certain poses correctly. I will definitely go again to her classes!


I really enjoy Neetu's classes. They leave me feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful. I was a complete beginner when I first came to Neetu. Neetu always makes me feel at ease and helps me whenever I am unsure and adjusts my posture. Neetu's yoga class has allowed me to integrate good quality me time into my life. I am looking forward to my next class!


You can tell that Neetu is very passionate about yoga. She teaches a style that really stretches your muscles which helps them to repair and relax. I've been doing it for a few months and feel more flexible and feel more comfortable in general.


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If you would like to leave a review, please do so via Google or Facebook.



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